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Clients can derive the greatest benefits by outsourcing an entire process rather than a single task or two within a process. Scope for process improvements and long term cost savings are enhanced when end-end processes are outsourced instead of discrete tasks due to the interdependencies of the specific tasks and the ability to rethink how the process can be reengineered for optimum gain. With a view to provide an integrated process solution, Sunshells has developed capabilities and expertise for managing processes end-to-end across a broad spectrum of business processes.


Customer Support:

We ensure customer 'satisfaction', by building loyalty, creating opportunities and providing dedicated 24x7 services.

Web design and development services:

Our creative, interactive and affordable website designs reflect the ethos of the product or industry or company for which purpose the website is to be built.

Web Promotion:

Our Web Promotion activities not only give you a niche web identity, but also create a much required paradigm shift for your target audience as well.

Tele Marketing:

We generate leads and add value via agents having necessary expertise in generating leads.

Transaction Processing:

Extending support to increase accuracy and reduce turnaround time.

Travel & Hospitality:

We intend on generating sales through right product at right price at right time.

Back Office Services:

Moving from 'Information' to 'Intelligence' is our prime motto. We provide backend support and process a high volume of transactions for our clients.

Data Mining:

To delve deep and extract the best and the relevant to meet the objectives of our clients.

Content Writing:

We supply catchy content to support our creative and interactive websites. While pictures breathe life to a website, words portray the soul.

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